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V-ray Plastic Material

Hi again. This days on CG Files you can find some basic material for Vray. This one is for plastic. If you want very realistic render you need to use V-ray Render plugin for 3D Studio Max. On picture below I was use  plastic material.

Vray plastic

1. Open Material Editor by pressing M on your keyboard.
2. Click on Get Material button, and chouse Vray material from Materail/Map Browser.

Vray plastic

3. Rename material to “Plastic”
4. Click on Diffuse color, and set to red. You can use every color you want.

Vray plastic

5. For the Reflect color use this settings: Red: 225, Green: 225, Blue: 225

Turn on Fresnel reflections and Fresnel IOR and set Fresnel IOR to 1.6. See picture below.

Vray plastic

6. In the Refraction menu change Refract color to black and change Max depth to 8. See picture below

Vray plastic

That is all. Like I said this material is for V-ray. Just to know, results of this material while you render also depend from your Render and Lighting settings.

*** Software: 3ds max 8.0***
***Writed by Shtefcs***

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**author: Stefan Smiljkovic*